Victory Keeps Vermont On Track to Label #GMOs

Once again, Vermont is set to become the first state in the country to mandate GMO labeling on July 1, 2016 after Grocery Manufacturers’ Association led groups were prohibited from blocking the law from going into effect.

That’s the good news.The bad news is that the U.S. District Court Judge Christina Reiss only partially denied the state’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, according to the Burlington Free Press.

The judge agreed with GMO labeling activists that informing consumers is a priority, but companies citing supply chain challenges as a means to delay the law may still have their day in court.

Meanwhile, consumer advocacy for GMO labeling is picking up steam. Chipotle recently became the first food chain to first disclose and then eliminate GMO ingredients, and even before H.R. 4432, a bill otherwise known as Deny Americans the Right to Know—or the DARK Act—reaches Congress, activists are building grassroots momentum against it.

All eyes on Vermont!



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