Truly Natural Sex Guide

man and woman's feet stick out from under the covers, with her leg on top of his.Are you having natural sex? You might think so, but you’re probably wrong.

Take lubricant, for example. Whether it’s coconut cream or mango delicious, that tube you stashed in your nightstand is probably chock-full of parabens, hormones, silicones and petroleum by-products which can cause irritation that makes you more susceptible to decidedly unsexy yeast infections. Ick.

So what about toys? C’mon, don’t pretend you haven’t tried them once or twice—or thrice. Since Shades of Gray came out, they’re practically selling sex toys at Barnes & Noble. But they also can be pretty toxic.

Whether it’s coconut cream or mango delicious, that tube you stashed in your nightstand is probably chock-full of chemicals.

If the toys give off a weird smell, that means the plastic they’re made from is vaporizing often carcinogenic chemical compounds at room temperature—a process known as “off-gassing” volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. In short, anything that smells like a shower curtain you don’t want anywhere near your hoo-ha.

So how can you get more natural sex?

When it comes to lube, look for those without “artificial scents,” which can interfere with your naturally sexy pheremones. Like this Good Glide Glycerine Aloa Vera Gel, the label should display a short list of recognizable ingredients.

In the toys department, a quick way to stay away from VOCs is to avoid plastic, and look for those made from silicone, wood or glass that you’ll love playing with—solo, or with a friend. Yes, the idea of glass sounds dangerous, but toys like the Twister Swirl Icicle are designed not to break, no matter what.

Now, go get some. Naturally.



  1. i run a sex store with my wife, and you are right about pretty much everything. except wood.

    there is no sure way to clean wood, its porous and bacteria sits inside day after day, month after month. ew. we only retail silicone now. glass is another good bet, but plastic – yes thats pretty questionable. unknowing to most, plastic is porous (READ GERM LAND).

    people stay away from frikin wood ok?

    Glass? make sure you get a better brand and not some cheap glass toy that will shatter, splinter inside you (ow ow ow wow ow)

    sex toy store owner (really….not kidding)


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