ACC Drops $51 m. to Block Toxic Chemical Regulation Reform

According to a new report from the Union of Concerned Scientists, from 2010 through 2014 the ACC spent more than $51 million lobbying Capitol Hill, contributed $1.46 to federal campaigns and spent $1.8 million on more than 6,000 political ads during the 2014 election cycle. This money dump has helped block action on reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act, as well as formaldehyde, flame retardants, BPA and other toxic chemical regulation. And it only gets worse. [Read more…]

#TSCA Chemical Reform Passes the House

Bittersweet victory: Last week, the House broke a four-decade legacy of inaction by voting to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act through H.R. 2576 the “TSCA Modernization Act.” The chemical reform bill was sponsored by Representatives Shimkus, Upton, Pallone and Tonko. Chemical reform means the EPA will be able to better regulate the 85,000 chemicals used in commerce–of which only five have been restricted up until this point. So that’s the good news.

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