.@IKEA Pledges $1.3 Billion To Fight #ClimateChange

In the past, I’ve shared how IKEA which strives to provide low-cost options for home decor with less toxic chemicals. But after this latest announcement, I’m a fan.  [Read more…]

My Earth Hour Fail

Toronto goes dark during Earth HourEarth Hour is a truly mind-blowing initiative pioneered by the World Wildlife Fund in which people all around the world are encouraged to turn off their lights for 60 minutes on one predetermined day. You can see from the photo of Toronto in 2008 how much of an impact Earth Day makes. The interactive Earth Hour website let you plug in your zip code and find cool events such as candlelit parties and vegan potlucks, which bring communities together to celebrate environmental activism. Will you help me celebrate Earth Hour? Make a pledge, and you can win an Earth Box from NRG Home Solar!

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