Share, Much? Social Media Hits the Hill

Which gets your attention: Social media or email? If you’re a member of Congress, it’s most definitely the former. A Congressional poll found that it takes less than 10 comments on Facebook or Twitter to get their attention. Yes, really. [Read more…]

#Dear15Me @BeautyFrosting Challenge 4 #Teens

15-year-old girl photoI was so inspired by my friend Dawn McCoy of BeautyFrosting, who wrote a letter to her 15-year-old self, then created the #Dear15Me challenge and social media movement because of the response to it. This is kind of off-topic for me, I know. But more than Mommy Greenest, I am also a woman who was once a very confused 15-year-old girl. Today, I’m the mother of an amazingly confident and self-assured 13-year-old girl who nonetheless has her world rocked daily by social media. So–deep breath–here’s my post, followed by more information about how you can get involved. [Read more…]