Can the Share Economy Save the World?

share economy photo of consignment clothing against a blue backgroundThere are so many ways to describe the share economy–including  “sharing economy,”  “collaborative consumption” and “circular economy.” But the essential concept is the same: Access to goods and services is more important than owning them. In this way, the share economy could solve some of the environment’s biggest problems. [Read more…]

Join me at Women in Green!

I’m so excited for Women in Green. The last time I participated was way back in 2010, and so much has changed for women AND green since then! If you’re in Los Angeles this month, join me at the 6th annual Women in Green Forum, which is taking place at the verdantly gorgeous TreePeople property on August 26th. I’ll be moderating a panel on the share economy featuring Lyft and my favorite preloved fashion source, thredUP. Plus, there’s a full day of amazing programming that you won’t want to miss! [Read more…]