Night Sweats Are No Joke

So… very… tired. Photo by Pim Chu on Unsplash

Night sweats are no joke! And it’s time to take this reality out of the closet and own it. Just like our grandmother’s generation didn’t talk about periods, ours doesn’t want to admit to aging. But guess what? You can invest in all the expensive face creams and neck serums you want — at some point, you’re going to stop getting your period. Like I did. Which is normal. Because I’m 50. 

But here’s a surprise: The night sweats still aren’t over. I remember my stepmother telling me that her mother, who passed away at 100, still got them as an octogenarian. I didn’t believe her then, but now I’m starting to worry. So I did some research and here’s what I learned:

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Prozac for PMS? 5 Habits to a Natural Remedy

woman pushing her belly to combat menstrual crampsOctoMom has 14 kids. I have three. Yet those three—plus the demands of life, work and marriage—may be making me just as crazy. Not insane enough to have another brood of babies, mind you. (Although once you have three, what’s another 11 more?) But crazy enough to:

1. Seriously consider jumping out of a moving car when my husband engages me in yet another financial discussion.
2. Completely forget the dates and times of crucial engagements—like my son’s soccer game.
3. Let a faulty cordless phone lead me to yelled profanities and an innocent appliance smashed on the floor—in front of my kids.

Now, obviously the demands of the aforementioned kids, life, work and marriage do take their toll. But it seems to me that as I get older, my patience for said demands becomes especially thin during one particular time of the month.

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