Treehugger Newspaper Conundrum

brunette woman holding Los Angeles TimesDuring childhood visits to my grandmother’s house, she’d put me to sleep on the fold-out couch in the den. At some point early in the morning—it was always dark outside—I’d half-awaken to the sound of her puttering around in the kitchen and the smell of the mud she called coffee percolating on the counter. By the time I actually got out of bed a few hours later, the coffee would be gone and my grandmother would be happily working on whatever task she’d set for herself that day.

Note my use of the word “happily.” Consider, if you will, the contrast in my house. [Read more…]

Goodbye BPA, Hello BPS

curling paper receiptI thought we’d seen the last of endocrine disruptors like Bisphenol A.  In 2012, the FDA announced a nation-wide ban on BPA in bottles and sippy cups, because of links to obesity, reproductive problems, cancer and more. But the chemical industry had already started looking for options.

A 2012 study found bisphenol S, a BPA alternative, on 100% of cash register paper in the United States, as well as on 87% of paper currency and 52% of recycled paper. According to the study, people may now be absorbing 19 times more of the powdery film through their skin than when BPA was used to coat receipts!  [Read more…]