Eco Fashion, A to V

pewter leather clutch against white backgroundYou’ve read about fast fashion, in which underpaid workers in third-world countries provide western consumers with cheap and disposable goods. You’re all clear on cotton, which uses 17% of the world’s insecticides and is 94% Genetically Modified. But with that in mind, sometimes you just have to shop—and many of those times take place during the holidays. Which is why it makes sense now to figure out what matters to you when it comes to the clothes that you buy. Here’s how I categorize eco fashion. [Read more…]

Style Spring Fling: Flowered Dresses

woman in flowered dress against white background

Oh flowered dresses, you’re all I want to wear right now. Tomboys, you can keep your shorts and tank tops. What I’m craving is a long, diaphanous, flowered dress printed with tiny little sprigs of spring goodness. I saw Jessica Alba wearing one recently, and last fall’s spring runway stunners are just beginning to hit shelves. The flowered dress is this season’s staple! [Read more…]