79% Want #Environmental News, Not @Beyonce

A new report from Project for Improved Environmental Coverage shows environmental news coverage made up less than one percent of headlines in 2014. While nearly 80% of American want to know more about environmental news stories, Beyonce was mentioned 11 times more than stories about deforestation and five times more than those about the state of our oceans. [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest in Delicious Living

Photo of family sitting at a table in news story quoting Mommy Greenest on Delicious Living“There’s a lot of news about unhealthy foods and toxic chemicals in our lives, and it can get overwhelming,” says Rachel Sarnoff, former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World and blogger at Mommy Greenest. “It’s tempting to act like the proverbial ostrich and just try to ignore anything that sounds scary…The great news is that even small actions can add up to a huge healthy impact.” –Delicious Living online; look for the full story in their fall issue, on stands in October!

MG on “San Diego Living”

Mommy Greenest on SD Living TV







“Healthy & Thrifty in the New Year: Mommy Greenest calls on women to stop shopping and ditch the plastic to kick start a healthy year.” –San Diego Living