How to Wear Mineral Sunscreen Under Makeup (Video)

Do you eschew sunscreen because you’re worried about it affecting your makeup? Are you wearing chemical blockers because you’re scared you’ll turn white as a ghost? STOP! This quick video tutorial breaks it all down, and features some of my favorite mineral sunscreen brands: ThinkSport (featured in my Father’s Day Gift Guide), Babo Botanicals and Goddess Garden Organics. [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved Babo Botanicals Allergy Safe Sunscreens

allergy safe sunscreen on white backgroundI never really thought much about food allergies. My children don’t have them, so my only real shift was to sunflower seed from peanut butter when packing lunches, so as not to cause problems for the kids that do. But I feel so badly for those families who struggle to make everyday foods and products safe for themselves and their kids. For them, life is a constant assessment of potential dangers, adding an additional level of stress to the daily decisions of parenting. So when I discovered that Babo Botanicals truly natural, allergy safe sunscreens are free of nut oils, soy and dairy, I had to share. Ultra sheer and lightweight, yet packing a serious SPF punch, these allergy safe sunscreens are great for everybody. But for families with allergies, they’re a godsend. [Read more…]