Monsanto Faces Hague Trial

Is Monsanto ready to pay the piper? Earlier this month, a collective group of non-profits concerned about food, farming and environmental justice announced that they will put Monsanto–responsible for developing glyphosate (better known as Round-Up) and polychlorinated biphenyl (aka PCBs), among others–on trial next year for crimes against nature, humanity and the environment, Global Research reported. [Read more…]

Pediatricians Cut Monsanto’s Cord

Proof positive that one woman can change the world: Mamavation and Shiftcon founder Leah Segedie recently helped the American Academy of Pediatrics to cut sponsorship ties with Monsanto, which manufactures the carcinogenic pesticide glyphosate and is facing multiple lawsuits from farm workers as its stock prices plummet. [Read more…]

Workers Sue Monsanto; Stock Tumbles

Timing is everything. On September 29th, the Environmental Protection Agency updated the Agricultural Worker Protection Standard with far more rigorous pesticide protection standards. The following day, lawsuits against pesticide manufacturer Monsanto were filed in California and New York by workers who claim their cancers were caused by exposure to pesticides. Coincidink? I don’t think so. [Read more…]

Will DARK Act Pass Next Week? #StopTheDARKAct

A little birdie just told me–okay it was the Organic Consumers Association–that the DARK Act Senate Agriculture Committee hearing is set for next week. And guess what? The Grocery Manufacturers Association, which has fought it tooth and nail alongside Monsanto, apparently scheduled a lobbying day for October 7th. What does this mean for you? [Read more…]

.@HillaryClinton Loves #Solar Power…& Monsanto?

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton seems to be staking her environmental fortunes on solar power. In anticipation of Obama’s Clean Power Plan announcement, Clinton announced her goal to expand solar power capacity 700% over the next five years, the equivalent of “putting solar panels on the roofs of more than 25 million homes.” With those kind of lofty environmental aspirations in place, what’s the deal with the (presumed) democratic candidate and Monsanto? [Read more…]