Mommy Greenest Approved: Eden Raw Juice

raw juice made of beets on open roadAre you juicing? That’s been the million-dollar question over the past three years as raw juice became so popular it transformed a noun into a verb and established a multi-billion dollar industry. As I shared previously, there’s a lot of controversy swirling around what exactly constitutes raw juice. But until I discovered Eden raw juices, I didn’t really think about the industry’s potential impact on the problem of food waste. [Read more…]

Do You Know What’s In Your Raw Juice?

green raw juiceRaw juice is a serious trend. According to Barrons, raw juice manufacturers pulled in as much as $5 billion in 2012. So it’s no wonder that raw juicers are popping up on every corner. Unfortunately, not all of them are as wholesome as you might think: Unless you’re getting fresh raw juice from organic fruits and vegetables, you might be getting taken. Especially if you’re paying $12 a glass. Here’s what to look for in your raw juice.

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