H&M Closes the Loop On Recycled Fashion

H&M seems determined to do the right thing–it just might take a little longer than the company intended. Take their new recycled denim capsule collection, for example. The five recycled fashion styles for men and women are set to launch in February 2016–and represent a program four years in the making. [Read more…]

Fighting Fast Fashion? Win $1 Million from @HM

The H&M Conscious Foundation recently announced a “Global Challenge Award” that would give a million bucks to five annual winners who fight fast fashion by closing the loop on textile recycling. But can the initiative make nagging questions about H&M and fast fashion go away? [Read more…]

Helen Hunt Comes Clean

Mommy Greenest Helen Hunt Interview

So despite the fact that I started off the interview by accidentally insulting her, Academy Award winner Helen Hunt—who wrote, directed and stars in the new film “Ride,” in theaters now—was charmingly candid about her accidental journal to eco activism.  [Read more…]

Is Eco Fashion Conscious?

orange shirt with green H&M Conscious Collection tag showing 70% recycled polyesterQuick on the heels of the Shop Drop Challenge, in which more than 500 of you joined me to save 3,000 pounds of landfill waste and $30,000 by swapping or thrifting our style for the month of January, I started hearing rumors of a new H&M Conscious Collection that was blowing the socks off eco fashion. And since this is the one time of year that I don’t feel (too) guilty shopping new, I decided to head over to the mall to investigate.

Now you know now much I rail against the mall, home of bottom-of-the-barrel fast fashion houses like Forever 21, which have outsourced our $3 trillion a year apparel industry to third-world countries where workers are underpaid and often exposed to dangerous working conditions in order to bring us $5 t-shirts. Could H&M be different? [Read more…]