Turmeric for Health

turmeric root and powder against white backdropEveryone seems to be mentioning turmeric for health, these days. And it’s not just about a spice that you put in your curry. A proud member of the ginger family, turmeric is said to be an immune system builder and powerful antioxidant. I got the scoop from Randi Ragan, holistic well-being expert, founder of GreenBliss EcoSpa and author of the brand-new book A Year of Living Mindfully: Seasonal Practices to Nourish Body, Mind and Spirit. This beautifully-illustrated book is chock full of recipes, teas, tonics, exercises and daily practices—including instructions on how to make an easy turmeric for health tonic, which I’ve included below. All are designed to reduce stress, avoid illness and improve wellness. Interested? I’ve got two copies to give away! [Read more…]

Beat Sugar Addiction with Herbs

cinnamon sticks to help beat sugar addictionSugar is the devil. But how can you cut the cravings? I got help from Jacob Teitelbaum, a doctor and the author of The Complete Guide to Beating Sugar Addiction. Similarly to the eight foods I wrote about last year that fight anxiety and depression, “There are a number of tried and true herbs and supplements that can keep your sweet tooth under control by supporting adrenal function and decreasing low blood sugar, two of the chief health concerns common to sugar addicts,” Dr. Teitelbaum shared. Remember: This addiction extends to high fructose corn syrup, too. Want to know more about these sugar-busting herbs? I’ve got the scoop! [Read more…]

How to Garden Without Pesticides

little brunette girl in pink outfit and purple cap and gloves holding marigold and purple spadeWhere do kids in your neighborhood like to play? If they’re anything like mine, it’s probably on grass. But yards and gardens can be tainted by pesticides that are dangerous to children’s health—not to mention, pets!

There are about 30 different pesticides commonly used in the United States; of these 19 are considered carcinogenic, 13 have been linked to birth defects, 21 are associated with reproductive problems, 15 with neurotoxicity and 11 are hormone disruptors—and that’s just a partial list.

Pesticides are linked to a host of childhood illnesses—including cancer. In 1987, the National Cancer Institute found that the risk of childhood leukemia increased more than six times when garden pesticides were used at least once a month. It’s so important to learn how to grow without them! [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: Gaia Herbs PlantForce Liquid Iron

liquid iron supplement box against white backgroundMany of my friends complain that they feel drained, especially when they are having their periods. They say that they lack energy, have trouble sleeping and difficulty concentrating—all symptoms of anemia, which can be caused by an iron deficiency. And although I’m no doctor, I make the same recommendation to everyone: Start taking iron.

I’ve been supplementing with iron daily for 15 years now, ever since I was first pregnant. And although menstruation is not exactly an enjoyable experience, I no longer get that totally-drained-can’t-lift-my-head kind of feeling that I had before I started taking it.

But there’s one little hitch in my prescription: Up until recently, I was getting my iron through prenatal vitamins. Taking iron as an individual supplement left me—TMI perhaps?—constipated.

And although my doctor says there’s nothing really wrong with the practice—the only downside is that prenatals fail as a calcium supplement and give me a little bit more iron and folic acid than I need—those vitamins may be missing the mark.

Enter Gaia Herbs PlantForce Liquid Iron. [Read more…]