Mommy Greenest Guide to Green Beauty

green beauty model close upGot a minute? Take a look at your bathroom shelves. If you’re like most women, you’re using about 12 different beauty products each day. Now flip to the ingredients panel of your favorite product—a lotion, perhaps, or sunscreen—and settle in for a good read. Do the ingredients number a dozen or more? Probably. Can you pronounce them? Probably not. Yet those 12 beauty products deliver an average 168 potentially toxic ingredients to your body each and every day. It’s time for a green beauty clean-out! [Read more…]

Eco Fashion Trend Alert: Upcycling

three eco fashion styles in a collage: one pink jumpsuit worn by a model, one white shirt and blue pants worn by a model, one clutch purse on a mannequin handNew collections from two Los Angeles designers prove that the hottest eco fashion trend this summer is upcycling. Unlike recycling, which turns a product into another product of equal value, or downcycling, in which the product degrades, upcycling takes something of lesser value and turns it into something that has a higher value. In this case, these designers are taking salvaged materials—waste from other manufacturers—and completely transforming them. Now through the end of the month, Mommy Greenest readers get up to 30% off on select summer styles! [Read more…]