Father’s Day Gift: Nordgreen Eco Watch

nordgreen eco watch for father's day gift

I was looking for the perfect sustainable Father’s Day gift online, when I discovered Nordgreen eco watches. Designed by Danish designer Jakob Wagner, formerly of Bang & Olufsen, these watches have just the kind of streamlined, minimalist design that resonates with my husband.

Then I started reading up on Nordgreen’s sustainability cred. The hardware is crafted from recycled metal. Packaging is FSC certified, including cardboard from responsibly managed forests and felt upcycled from plastic water bottles. Lifestyle  photographs include reusable glasses with stainless steel straws, a subtle endorsement of the #plasticfree movement. Even the name has sustainability at its core, combining the words “Norwegian” and “green.”

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Mommy Greenest Father’s Day Gift Guide

Mommy Greenest Father's Day Gift GuideFathers. They’re our protectors and guides; they pick us up when we’ve fallen and set us back on our feet. And then one day, it’s our turn to guide them to safety. Whatever part of the journey you’re on with your father—or any father—set aside time this month to celebrate him. I sourced ethical and conscious Father’s Day Gifts from Earth911’s YouChange marketplace, made with as much respect for the Earth as you have for the dads you love. [Read more…]

A Conscious Mother’s Day Gift Guide

mother's day gift guide dress, wrap, necklace and platterWith three kids, Mother’s Day is a big day for DIY in our home. I’ve received everything from heartfelt homemade cards to a rock song written in my honor. But when it comes to buying gifts, I look for fair trade and sustainably made products. I discovered these gorgeous gifts on Earth911’s YouChange marketplace. Because a celebration of love for your mother should include a nod to Mother Earth! [Read more…]

4 Steps To A Sustainable Mother’s Day

mother's day mom and daughterIf you’re like most of us, you’ve probably had a lot of ads for flowers popping up in your feed this week. That’s because flowers are now America’s most popular Mother’s Day gift, according to a recent report. Mother’s Day now trumps Valentine’s as florists most busy holiday. What else are you searching for? Probably jewelry, which shows a 17 percent increase in the six weeks leading up to the big day. But are classic mother’s day gifts like flowers and jewelry toxic? Here are four things you should know to shop more sustainably for mom. [Read more…]

4 Tips to Nix Toxic Holiday Toys

pastel colored toy tea set on white backgroundYou’re making your list and checking it twice, but do you know what’s in those holidays toys? In 2008, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was passed to regulate lead and phthalates in toys and infant products after a public scare related to those made primarily in China. But it seems like each year another batch of tainted imported holiday toys is discovered here in the United States. Here are a four easy ways to tell which holiday toys are naughty and which are nice. [Read more…]