China Trumps U.S. #Toxic #Beauty Regulations

Kudos to China for proposing stricter regulations on toxic chemicals in cosmetics, which will bring them more in line with the EU’s. A second draft of the country’s new Complete Technical Safety Standard for Cosmetics was proposed recently, which will ban 100 additional toxic beauty ingredients and classify oral care products like toothpaste as cosmetics, with similar restrictions. How does this stack up to the U.S.? [Read more…]

Sick of #Toxic Cosmetics? @SenFeinstein Bill Fix

Senator Dianne Feinstein preempted #EarthDay2015 coverage yesterday by introducing a new bill to reform the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act. And surprisingly, considering the cutthroat battle to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act, it garnered very little attention.  [Read more…]