Help @MomsRising & Me Petition @Islands for #Healthy Children’s Menu!

Are you fed up with your kids being force fed french fries every time you go out to eat? Are you tired of the arguments at the table after you wave away the server’s pitcher of high fructose corn syrup for refills? Do you wish you could go to your favorite family restaurant and feel confident that there’s a healthy children’s menu available? Me, too! That’s why I was so excited to discover MomsRising’s new initiative empowering parents to ask local restaurants to shift to healthier options on children’s menus. Through MomsRising, I created a petition for a healthier children’s menu at the Islands chain of restaurants. What restaurant chain would you target, if you could? Oh, wait: Now you can!  [Read more…]

Boycott @McDonalds #Toxic Taters

I’m so not loving McDonald’s. Haven’t loved it for a long time–it’s been at least a decade since I drove through the golden arches. But that doesn’t stop the company from trying to sell McDonald’s toxic potatoes to my kids–after pledging to reduce pesticide use. [Read more…]

Want Food Fast? Choose #GMO-free @Chipotle!

After making national news in 2013 by becoming the first national food chain to disclose genetically modified ingredients in their food, Chipotle announce yesterday that they have eliminated all GMOs from their food. Like most level-headed conversations, their concern about GMOs focuses on these two points.

[Read more…]