Can the Share Economy Save the World?

share economy photo of consignment clothing against a blue backgroundThere are so many ways to describe the share economy–including  “sharing economy,”  “collaborative consumption” and “circular economy.” But the essential concept is the same: Access to goods and services is more important than owning them. In this way, the share economy could solve some of the environment’s biggest problems. [Read more…]

Magnifeco Taps #ShopDrop2016 4 Fashion Resolution

“This is the year that your closet is going to start to reflect your values; the purchases you make will be thoughtfully considered and you’ll only buy pieces you really love. If that’s your resolution, but you’re having a hard time starting, we have some tips for you. Do a fashion ‘fast”… the #SHOPDROP2016 Challenge.” Read the rest on Magnifeco!

H&M Closes the Loop On Recycled Fashion

H&M seems determined to do the right thing–it just might take a little longer than the company intended. Take their new recycled denim capsule collection, for example. The five recycled fashion styles for men and women are set to launch in February 2016–and represent a program four years in the making. [Read more…]

Fighting Fast Fashion? Win $1 Million from @HM

The H&M Conscious Foundation recently announced a “Global Challenge Award” that would give a million bucks to five annual winners who fight fast fashion by closing the loop on textile recycling. But can the initiative make nagging questions about H&M and fast fashion go away? [Read more…]

Fast Fashion Polluter Banned in EU

Are your clothes dirty? That’s a questions I asked myself when I learned about the EU’s new ban on imports of clothes and textiles that contain nonylphenol ethoxylates, also known as NPEs. I’ve written quite a bit about fast fashion–as well as the push for supply chain transparency through #FashionRevolution, and supporting fashion recycling through the #ShopDropChallenge. But I never really knew much about the connection between fast fashion, NPEs and the environment. Until now. [Read more…]

#Detox #Fashion @Greenpeace Report: @Gap Loses

I seriously love Greenpeace’s “Detox Catwalk” fashion campaign. The online platform ranks companies on supply chain transparency and eliminating hazardous chemicals from products. This year’s report just dropped, and the takeaway is a doozy.  [Read more…]

Let’s Start A Fast Fashion Revolution!

woman showing edun label at back of dress as part of fast fashion revolution initiativeLast year, a few months after we concluded the Shop Drop Challenge, I ran into a friend who had participated. She’d pledged to not buy anything new for 30 days, joining the Mommy Greenest community in our effort to raise awareness of the environmental impact of fashion, and the eco-friendly options that thrifting, swapping and consignment provide.

And guess what? After her 30 days were up, my friend kept her pledge! She’d saved so much money and time that it became her way of life. Now I’ve got a new challenge for her.

I’m asking this friend—and the entire Mommy Greenest community—to join me next Friday, 4.24.15, for a global effort called Fashion Revolution Day. Are you in? [Read more…]

Fast Fashion Fix

Made in Bangladesh label on white t-shirt.Check your label. Chances are you’re wearing something made somewhere else. That’s because so-called “fast fashion” has outsourced the $3 trillion a year apparel industry to countries like Bangladesh and China, which underpays its workers and allow some of the most dangerous, toxic—and least expensive—means of production in order to provide the American consumer with cheap and disposable goods.

A garment factory building fire that killed more than 900 people in Bangladesh has the industry calling for better regulation of fast fashion. Yet as of today, GAP is still refusing to sign a safety agreement that would require companies to conduct fire and building safety inspections and make the findings public.  [Read more…]