Let’s Start A Fast Fashion Revolution!

woman showing edun label at back of dress as part of fast fashion revolution initiativeLast year, a few months after we concluded the Shop Drop Challenge, I ran into a friend who had participated. She’d pledged to not buy anything new for 30 days, joining the Mommy Greenest community in our effort to raise awareness of the environmental impact of fashion, and the eco-friendly options that thrifting, swapping and consignment provide.

And guess what? After her 30 days were up, my friend kept her pledge! She’d saved so much money and time that it became her way of life. Now I’ve got a new challenge for her.

I’m asking this friend—and the entire Mommy Greenest community—to join me next Friday, 4.24.15, for a global effort called Fashion Revolution Day. Are you in? [Read more…]