Recycled Angst

Sometimes I wish I hadn’t learned about recycled trash and toxins and pesticides and global warming. It would be damned easier to keep my head in the sand.

So I was cleaning the bathroom the other day, wondering to myself how three children can make one room smell like a subway station urinal in a matter of hours, when I spied the empty toilet paper roll on the counter.

Of course, not one of my children had thought to put out more toilet paper—that would be far too much effort—nor had he or she endeavored to toss the roll into the trash can.

But as I picked it up to throw away, I stopped myself—wondering, as I do a hundred times a day, if it can be recycled. [Read more…]

Jane Goodall Exclusive MG Interview

jane goodall reaches her hand out to touch the hand of a baby chimpanzee in the forestEditor’s Note: In 2021, Jane Goodall won the Templeton Prize, which “celebrates individuals who harness the power of science to answer questions about the universe and humanity’s purpose,” recognizing the primatologist’s incredible contributions to our understanding of animal intelligence — and to humanity itself.

The world has been fascinated with Jane Goodall for nearly 50 years, whether through her books, which detail profound discoveries linking primates to humans, or through television shows like “Miss Goodall and the Wild Chimpanzees,” which basically made her an international reality star in 1965.

Jane Goodall has been my hero since I was a child, so I jumped at the chance to interview her in 2012. We spoke by phone from her childhood home in Balmouth, England. She lives there the few weeks out of the year when she’s not traveling or visiting the Gombe Stream Reserve, where she began researching chimpanzees in 1960. Jane Goodall’s opinions about environmentalism, idealism and parenting informed, surprised and inspired me. [Read more…]