Target Projects $1 Billion in #MadetoMatter Sales, Takes on @WholeFoods

I used to spend a lot of time at Target. Especially when you’ve got little kids crawling all over you, the option of snapping them into a shopping cart and trolling the air conditioned aisles for laundry detergent and a kick-ass bikini is especially tempting. Since I shifted to more sustainable shopping habits, my visits to the big red dot have been few and far between, but I like what I’m discovering about the Made to Matter program. [Read more…]

.@Costco Reports $3 Billion in #Organic Sales

If anything can change the world, it’s greed. As sales of organic food continue to rise–raking in more than $35 billion last year and accounting for nearly five percent of our total food sales–supermarkets are getting into the action. And getting royally rewarded. [Read more…]