Paris Agreement Passes: What’s Next?

Even Pope Francis approved of the Paris Agreement, which passed muster with delegates from nearly 200 countries on Sunday. After five sets of negotiations this year and two full weeks of debate in Paris, the agreement set a world goal of limiting rising temperatures to within 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels, through 2100. So what happens now? [Read more…]

Monsanto Faces Hague Trial

Is Monsanto ready to pay the piper? Earlier this month, a collective group of non-profits concerned about food, farming and environmental justice announced that they will put Monsanto–responsible for developing glyphosate (better known as Round-Up) and polychlorinated biphenyl (aka PCBs), among others–on trial next year for crimes against nature, humanity and the environment, Global Research reported. [Read more…]

Ask #GOP 2 Talk Climate Change

There is so much crazy going on with this upcoming election, I don’t know where to start. But one place might be with climate change, the giant elephant in the GOP room. [Read more…]

Stand Up to Climate Change Deniers

At least climate change is now part of the national conversation. President Obama announced the Clean Power Plan, and Hillary Clinton pushed for solar, while grassroots organizations–and me–began to explore soil regeneration programs as a way to limit greenhouse gases. But here’s what the GOP leaders have said about climate change: [Read more…]

.@JasonMraz Asks: Could Soil Regeneration Fix #ClimateChange?

The Obama Administration’s new Clean Power Plan promises to ramp up solar and wind in an effort to rein in greenhouse gas emissions. But as musician and activist Jason Mraz asks in this video: Are they missing the point when it comes to soil regeneration? [Read more…]

#ActOnClimate Clean Power Plan: 2 Little 2 Late?

BREAKING: On Monday, President Obama will release the final version of America’s Clean Power Plan—the biggest, most important step we’ve ever taken to combat climate change. If you agree that we can’t condemn our kids and grandkids to a planet that’s beyond fixing, share this video with your friends and family. It’s time to #ActOnClimate.

Posted by The White House on Saturday, August 1, 2015

President Obama dropped this Facebook video in anticipation of his Clean Power Plan, “the biggest, most important step we’ve ever taken to combat climate change.” But is it, really? [Read more…]

.@IKEA Pledges $1.3 Billion To Fight #ClimateChange

In the past, I’ve shared how IKEA which strives to provide low-cost options for home decor with less toxic chemicals. But after this latest announcement, I’m a fan.  [Read more…]

#EarthDay Eve: #Solar Costs Sink While #Organics Sales Rise

Yes, the polar ice caps are still melting and the climate-deniers are still ensconced in Congress. But there is some good news, this Earth Day Eve: The resources that make our planet healthier are getting more affordable–and popular.  [Read more…]