YSK: Clean Water

Architectural black and white drawing of two story house with red arrow pointing to the whole house clean water filtration system
How cool is that? Graphic: Aquasana

Clean water is critical to health — and nobody understands this better than parents. That’s the finding from a new survey of more than two thousand people in the United States conducted by Aquasana, which researches consumer behavior around water filtration on an annual basis (and sponsored this post). Was COVID-19 a factor? You betcha — but that’s not all. Read on!

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Polluted Water: 55% of Nation’s Streams & Rivers Unsafe

Thinking about a lakeside picnic? Do your research: According to EarthJustice, more than 55% of our nation’s lakes, streams and rivers contain polluted water that’s unsafe for swimming, drinking or fishing. Last month, President Obama finalized a Clean Water Rule to protect drinking water sources from contamination. And it can’t come soon enough. [Read more…]