.@LCVoters vs. @Waterkeeper on Clean Water Rule

When I read the League of Conservation Voters’ perspective on the new Clean Water Rule that restores “pollution protections to the small streams and wetlands that contribute to the drinking water of 1 in 3 Americans,” I was thrilled. But then I read what the Waterkeeper Alliance had to say about it, and I wasn’t so sure. [Read more…]

Polluted Water: 55% of Nation’s Streams & Rivers Unsafe

Thinking about a lakeside picnic? Do your research: According to EarthJustice, more than 55% of our nation’s lakes, streams and rivers contain polluted water that’s unsafe for swimming, drinking or fishing. Last month, President Obama finalized a Clean Water Rule to¬†protect drinking water sources from contamination. And it can’t come soon enough. [Read more…]