Laila Ali, Organic Spa &…Mommy Greenest?

Mommy Greenest interview with boxer Laila Ali on Organic Spa magazine coverMy interview with Laila Ali made the cover of Organic Spa magazine! I had such an amazing time talking with the  four-time undefeated boxing world champion, who is currently hosting CBS’ We Have to Talk, the first female sports show to appear on network television. You will never believe the story she told me about her inspiration to become a boxer. Spoiler alert: Her dad had nothing to do with it! Laila also shared some must-have fitness secrets, as well as the one all-purpose natural health, beauty and wellness ingredient she can’t live without. Read all about it, on Organic Spa!

Jenna Elfman Gives Props to MG

In this video, Jenna Elfman shares her thoughts on Mommy Greenest: “She presents how to get more green in nice, bite-sized pieces.” Thanks, Jenna!

Body by Vegan

alicia silverstone in short shorts and strawberry t-shirtA few years ago, a friend forwarded me a picture of Alicia Silverstone. The subject line was simple: body by vegan.

It got my attention. Because even though I try to exercise two or three times a week, there remains that stubborn five pounds of fat that took hold right below my belly button while I was pregnant and never came off.

Now I know that I’m active and healthy, and I knock wood daily for that. But there is a vain teenager inside of every woman. And on the day that my friend sent me Alicia Silverstone’s picture, that teen spoke up. I wanted to have a body by vegan. Desperately.

The photo-sending friend happens to be a vegan, mind you. And she also happens to be very thin, which may have less to do with the fact that she doesn’t eat animal products, and more to do with the fact that when you don’t eat animal products there is really very little that you can eat. Why live like that? [Read more…]