Mommy Greenest Guide to Going Green

woman wearing glasses, holding toy globe in her handsIt’s almost a cliché, this “going green” stuff. And all the hype can make you want to stick your head in the sand. But I believe that we need to approach the process with respect and without judgement. Everyone’s choices matter—and nobody can make them for you. If you choose to shift something in your life, that decision will stick longer than if someone else tells you what you have to do. So with that in mind, let’s talk about some ideas that could help get you started. [Read more…]

Must-Know Guide to Carbon Offsets & Global Warming

airplane in sky“What the heck?” That’s a favorite phrase in my household. I think it began with my now 16-year-old back when he was starting middle school and felt he needed an age-appropriate curse that wouldn’t cause us to take away his allowance. We’re not thrilled with it—especially when my now eight-year-old started mimicking the phrase—but it could be worse.

So “what the heck” came to mind when I watched yet another senator ram his foot firmly down his throat while attempting to visually demonstrate the impossibility of climate change, this time by tossing a snowball on Capitol Hill.

But the stunt got me thinking: Why is this all so hecking confusing? If you watched the news, you’re probably gobsmacked about the disagreement on global warming. Carbon footprint? Carbon offsets? Global warming? Just what are these talking heads gabbing about!? But today, scientists agree on their definitions. And those definitions need to be understood by all of us.  [Read more…]