Mommy Greenest on EcoHabitude

“We dig Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff’s take on being a green mommy: she leads by example, but is never a ‘sustaina-bully’. Her blog is like a super resource for green parents as she writes about things like getting rid of lice without toxic chemicals to detoxing your closet; she interviews green celebs and she keeps it real with environmental issues you should know about that may effect you and your family.” Thanks so much for including me in your 6 Inspiring Green Mamas story, EcoHabitude!

Mommy Greenest in Delicious Living

Photo of family sitting at a table in news story quoting Mommy Greenest on Delicious Living“There’s a lot of news about unhealthy foods and toxic chemicals in our lives, and it can get overwhelming,” says Rachel Sarnoff, former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World and blogger at Mommy Greenest. “It’s tempting to act like the proverbial ostrich and just try to ignore anything that sounds scary…The great news is that even small actions can add up to a huge healthy impact.” –Delicious Living online; look for the full story in their fall issue, on stands in October!

MG is Kelly Rutherford’s Resource

Kelly Rutherford endorses Mommy Greenest






“A great resource for moms who want the best for their babes.” –Kelly Rutherford, “Gossip Girl”

MG is Essential for Organic Authority

“Mommy Greenest is an essential tool for any parent or expecting parent, that takes you step by step through how to truly detox your home, creating a safer, healthy home for your family.” Laura Klein, Organic Authority

MG is MomAngeles’ Eco Go To

“Rachel is extremely knowledgeable about all things eco and green. She is my go to gal and a great resource for other moms who want to raise their kids in a safe and healthy environment.” Lora Jakobsen, CEO of Zookies and Co-Owner of MomAngeles

ClubMomMe Curls Up with MG

Mommy Greenest is “easy to navigate, and makes you want to curl up with a cup of coffee and read more.” -Rachel Burris Pitzel, Mommy Blogger and Founder of ClubMomMe

Jenna Elfman Gives Props to MG

In this video, Jenna Elfman shares her thoughts on Mommy Greenest: “She presents how to get more green in nice, bite-sized pieces.” Thanks, Jenna!