3 Ways to Support Better Meat Management As America Tops List of Consumers

Want a side of dioxin with that steak? With the way that meat is managed in the United States today, you don’t have much choice. But as Congress is contemplates better meat management–especially as it relates to antibiotics, currently used more on farms than in hospitals–here are three ways you can make your voice heard. [Read more…]

Is Heritage Turkey Worth It?

heritage turkey raises wings against white backgroundSo you’re gearing up for Thanksgiving, the time when supermarkets practically—and sometimes, literally—give away turkeys in order to get you to shop in their stores. And unless you’re preparing for a vegan holiday meal, you’ll need to get your poultry order in stat. But then you look at the prices: This time of year, conventional turkeys can be purchased for as little as $.39 per pound, while at Williams Sonoma, a heritage turkey can ring up at nearly $200. Is it worth the price? [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: Maty’s All Natural Vapor Rub

vapor rub in box against white backgroundThis is gearing up to be one frightening flu season. All Ebola hysteria aside, as early as August, intensive care units at Midwestern hospitals were filled with children suffering from human enterovirus, a rare strain of a common cold that goes from bad to worse within hours, making it difficult for kids—especially those with asthma—to breathe. Like all viruses, antibiotics can’t help. The only thing to do is treat the symptoms by keeping airways open. Obviously, if you have a cough or a wheeze that won’t go away, see a doctor immediately—and head to the E.R. if you can’t breathe. But for less serious—but still uncomfortable—scenarios, it’s good to have help on hand. This flu season, my help is in the form of petroleum-, drug-, fragrance- and paraben-free Maty’s All Natural Vapor Rub. This stuff works! [Read more…]