What You Need to Know to Avoid VOCs

woman's hands applying VOC free nail polish removerA lot of people are worried about volatile organic compounds, better known as VOCs. These compounds can cause health issues like allergies and asthma—some have even been linked to cancer. Yet because you often can’t see or smell them, it’s difficult to know when your air has been compromised. Especially now that most new homes are built airtight for energy efficiency, VOCs are often trapped inside. Learn how to identify and avoid VOCs found in most American homes. [Read more…]

Prescott is Best Clean Air City. What’s Worst?

So this is scary. The American Lung Association just released their annual State of the Air Report, and—duh—climate change has everything to do with it. Prescott, AZ is one of the best clean air cities in the country. What are the worst? Read on! [Read more…]

Do You Need Smog Protection?

mother and child wear smog protection masksThis guest post is from the Moms Clean Air Force, an amazing non-profit organization fighting for our kids’ health. Take a minute to sign their petition asking the Environmental Protection Agency to protect children from smog, then read more about why taking action on smog protection is so important–especially for the most vulnerable among us. [Read more…]