#ShopDrop2016 on thredUP

“Blogger-we-love Mommy Greenest (a.ka. Rachel Sarnoff) is kicking off her annual Shop Drop Challenge. What’s that, you ask? It’s a month-long commitment to avoid buying new clothes (like-new, consignment, and vintage are OK)…Here at thredUP HQ, a lot of us are joining the challenge, too.” Read the full story on the thredUP blog!



  1. Toni Malvesta says

    Great idea! I have shopped vintage and consignment for years. It is an adventure and I love finding something for myself or my friends. As a mom of three, I honestly didn’t think of the environmental impact I was having. Thank you for the idea and the awareness.

  2. Brilliant…what you are doing. Not a new Mom…but older one. Gently used and vintage everything are my pride and passion. Have been following this guide-line for many years…even had shop for 17 years in Colorado….so much fun. All the comments are right on. Everything fits…it’s quality has been tested. Thanks for all efforts to help and educate on the true value of conservation/re-use and re-cycle. I’m in…you don’t have to convince/persuade this vintage Mom.

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