Shiva Rose Walks the Talk

I have a funny sort of serendipity with actress and writer Shiva Rose. All unwavering belief in organic and sustainability aside, when we first met five years ago, we realized that she knew my husband from high school. Talk about a small world! Shiva’s environmental activism began after she was diagnosed with an auto-immune condition in her early 20s, after the birth of her first daughter. She spreads the love through, where she’s now launching an eponymous skincare line that she makes in her garage, infusing it with mantras. She invited me for a rose-tinted afternoon at her home in the Santa Monica mountains, where she grows organic vegetables, cultivates bees, raises chickens—and fights off marauding coyotes in her nightgown. This is a woman who definitely walks the talk! Together, we’re giving you a chance to win one of TWO $85 Shiva Rose Face Oils we’re giving away. Feeling lucky?

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Photo collage of brunette women in yard with chicken, cat, garden and beekeeping



  1. melissa mc says

    her products sound wonderful and ty for offering this chance!

  2. Her garden looks so peaceful. Love that she’s making her products at home.

  3. If you want to know the best, most effective way that you can help heal the planet I would suggest watching Dr. Richard Oppenlander on youtube. Fantastic information!!! Really eye opening.

  4. Ellen DeFrancesco says

    I love all your awesome information. Thanks so much – you make me feel like I’m not alone as it seems I’m the only one I know in my area who has made it a mission to be eco-friendly.

    • Rachel Sarnoff says

      Oh thank YOU for commenting! You make me feel like I’m not alone in putting out my little site 🙂 So glad for all the people I’ve met on this mission!

  5. I just recently got into face oils and I would love to try this one! Absolutely love rose.

  6. Rachel you both look radiant! You are so natural on camera. Funny– just last week a friend of mine (and an old friend of Shiva Rose) told me I needed to check her out– what a wonderful introduction to her! Love that she makes her products at home. Also, I’ve always wanted chickens but I think this sealed the deal for me– we already have tons of coyotes in our hood and I just don’t know if that’s a battle I’m ready to fight! Great vlog. xx

    • Rachel Sarnoff says

      Thanks so much Michelle! I know, I am still on the fence about the chickies. But I kind of fell in love with Frida. Did you see those photos? I’ve never thought this of a chicken but she’s so pretty! Probably because she’s Shiva’s 🙂 You should definitely subscribe to The Local Rose it’s a beautiful little email to get each week, I love it.

  7. Can’t shake the visual of Shiva Rose chasing a coyote in her nightgown! Does she get fresh eggs from her chicken?

    • Rachel Sarnoff says

      Yes, once a day, I think. She says they are amazing! I seriously want to have chickens now. But not coyotes, no thanks!

  8. Very cool. Entered and want to win.

  9. The yard looks amazingly peaceful and far far from Los Angeles. Can’t wait to try her products. I’ll use anything you recommend.

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