Mommy Greenest Approved: Weleda White Mallow Baby Skin Care

weleda giveaway eczema baby skincare creamNewborn rashes are challenging for most parents, but for those newborns with eczema—a skin condition affects as many as 20% of babies—it’s hell. None of my babies experienced anything more serious than the occasional diaper rash, but our close friends dealt with it on a regular basis. They switched over to more natural laundry products and tried every lotion on the market—but nothing ever really worked. I wish that we’d had the new Weleda White Mallow Baby Skin Care Collection back then. Not only does it calm and heal run-of-the-mill baby rashes—it works on eczema, too.

Not only does Weleda’s White Mallow Baby Skin Care trio calms and heals run-of-the-mill baby rashes—it works on eczema, too. Want to try? Win it!

If you’ve been reading Mommy Greenest for a while, you know that I’m a big fan of Weleda products. With nearly 100 years of experience formulating truly natural products, first for the European and now global markets, they’re a company that I really trust. Because every baby has a rash at some point, I think the Weleda White Mallow Baby Skin Care Collection is a nursery essential.

For starters, the entire range was awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance and is 100% certified natural by NaTrue, a European certifying organization. (Europe is far more rigorous about their personal care ingredients: They restrict 1,300 chemical ingredients, as compared to the 11 that we restrict in America.)

The Weleda White Mallow Baby Skin Care Collection includes high levels of USDA Certified Organic ingredients—as much as 97%—and, like all Weleda products, are formulated with only the highest quality and most effective ingredients. White mallow is case in point: Studies have shown that it soothes skin irritation, stimulates cell regeneration, and contains anti-inflammatory properties. The range also calls on organic borage seed and safflower seed oils, among others, to strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier.

To the body lotion, Weleda adds coconut oil, which moisturizes and leaves skin feeling velvety smooth. The diaper rash cream includes 10% pharmaceutical-grade zinc oxide and rubs in like a lotion—not thick and chalky like some other diaper creams. With its nourishing blend of organic sweet almond and sesame oils, the face cream is ideal for cheek rashes.

All of the Weleda White Mallow Baby Skin Care Collection products are hypoallergenic and fragrance free, but there’s a subtle scent derived from the natural ingredients that smells amazing. Which is great, because the body lotion is my new winter skin essential, and the cream virtually eliminated my cracked cuticles in 24 hours.

Why should babies get all the good stuff?

Feeling lucky? Enter below to win one of THREE Weleda White Mallow Baby Skin Care Collection trios we’re giving away!

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  1. No, I’ve not tried natural baby care products for rashes or eczema.

  2. Cynthia Richardson says

    I have not yet tried natural products for eczema, but nothing else has worked

  3. Coconut oil is a ‘cure-all’ for young and old! It abates rashes and chapped lips, too!

  4. Tried some weleda items at whole foods today – love the white mallow products!

  5. melissa mc says

    i like that this product contains zinc oxide which helps with psoriasis, which i have and it does work — ty for the chance!

  6. I would love to try Weleda for my daughter’s hair!

  7. I haven’t tried any natural products for rashes or eczema – would love to try Weleda!

  8. Rosalie Sliva says

    Good skin is part of good health–from babies to adults.

  9. James Robert says

    I’m hoping to win for my cousin expecting her first baby in April but possibly needing to b e induced any day now.

  10. I have tried aveeno before and babyganics. They worked ok. I had no clue weleda made eczema products for baby.

  11. Enizete Lane says

    I have tried Aveeno,, worked fine…….I would love to try Weleda and see how would works for me….thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Weleda is one of my favourite brands, so I’m excited to hear they have this line!
    In the past, the Method baby line was a lifesaver for me during harsh winters, and for airplane travel, until I learned a bit more about the ingredients used in the products. Now, I use California Baby.

  13. I have very sensitive skin and would love to try these products

  14. Lori byrd says

    Can’t wait to try this

  15. I’ve tried George’s and thought it worked really well!

  16. Meredith Peters says

    I used baby shampoo as a body wash and it is not irritating or drying

  17. Linda Kish says

    I haven’t tried any.

  18. Betty Geyer says

    I’d like to try these for myself.

  19. Hi! 🙂 I just wanted you to know that the link about fracking isn’t working for me. Maybe it isn’t working for others as well? Would love to sign! Just a head’s up! Thanks! And, I love your blog! <3

    • Rachel Sarnoff says

      I’ve checked it several times and it works for me but I’ve also heard this from different readers so my suspicion is that it may get overloaded? Try refreshing and let me know if that helps? Thank you!

  20. would love to try!

  21. I haven’t tried any yet.

  22. I’ve tried coconut oil, and it helps some, but always willing to try other products for my eczema.

  23. I hope this will work for my son!

  24. I have tried Aveeno. I would like to try Weleda

  25. Carrie Smith says

    My son had very bumpy skin as a baby. We left it alone for awhile but when it didn’t clear up we started using an Eczema lotion. The only thing that really helped though was gently exfoliating his arms and legs during bath time and continuing to use the lotion.

  26. I have a terrible time with skin conditions on my hands. would love to try this product
    Thanks for always providing such great reseources!!

  27. Only coconut oil, but I’ve been very pleased with Weleda’s other projects.

  28. Stefanie says

    Weleda Is great for softer skin and gets rid of rashes.

  29. No, I have not tried natural baby care products for rashes or eczema. I would love to try Weleda.

  30. We love using Weleda on our baby’s sensitive skin.

  31. Connie Williamson says

    Yes, I’ve been using natural coconut oil on rashes and it really does work.

  32. Stephanie says

    I’m always open to trying new products and share the results with my friends.

  33. Stacy F. says

    Tried BALM! Baby & CJ’s! Would love to try this for the toddler AND me. She unfortunately inherited my skin genes. :/

    • Rachel Sarnoff says

      I haven’t tried either of those, probably because my little one is now EIGHT. So many great new lines have popped up since then!

  34. Rianne Delgadillo says

    I have a six year old with dry skin and eczema. I’d be happy to use these products on him!

  35. One of my 7 month old twin girls has really bad eczema. I have literally tried EVERYTHING. Every organic product out there. Nothing seems to work. The doctor says use cortisone but I refuse to put a steroid on my infant. I’ve never heard of Weleda and am anxious to try it. Where can I find it?

    • Rachel Sarnoff says

      Oh no! I’m so sorry, that is so hard to deal with. Shea, have you tried switching out your laundry detergent and eliminating dryer sheets? That might help. Look for laundry products without synthetic fragrances. Check out this link: As for Weleda, you can click through to buy online, and many natural retailers and retail sections of mainstream stores carry Weleda. Good luck!

      • Thank you for the info! I use Honest Company detergent and dryer sheets for the girls and Seventh Generation for us. I am going to order Weleda as I don’t often get out of the house with my new twins. Maybe Whole Foods carries it?. It’s crazy how many lotions contain petroleum ingredients, even those that say organic. Her grandfather is allergic to Petroleum, so I have think she may be too based on the many lotions I have tried. I’ll keep you posted on my experience with Weleda.

  36. I have tried organic baby shampoo in the past for psoriasis that was turning really bad around my hair line. Normally I don’t have to worry about the odd patch here and there but regular shampoos were irritating my scalp further making the psoriasis spread to my face and neck so I had to make a change fast! The organic baby shampoo worked amazingly well to soothe the rash and it made my hair super soft and shiny too! 🙂

    • Rachel Sarnoff says

      I’ve used baby shampoos in the past and agree, they’re great for adults, too! Thanks for sharing, Johanna!

  37. I have an ayurvedic neem ointment that works most of the time but always looking for new treatments as I am a chef and get lots of rashes from doing dishes. The mallow reminds me of an amazing discontinued method baby products line. Looking forward to trying it.

  38. Great company, would love to win!

  39. Josie Ramos says

    Coconut oil has worked well for rahses, as well as breast milk. 🙂

  40. Emily R. says

    I haven’t tried any… yet!

  41. md kennedy says

    I’ve tried coconut oil and it doesn’t sting but not very convenient!

  42. I have been searching or something that works on keratosis (dry, red bumpy skin caused by clogged hair follicles). THis looks like it might be worth trying!

  43. Valerie Hoffmann says

    i have tried other specific products for eczema, but never baby products. DUH! I’m not sure why I didn’t think of that.

  44. Alison Bramham says

    I have been using the Mallow lotion all winter and it is perfect. It is so soothing and I love the unperfumed naturalness. It is also great on the face as a gentle moisturiser after showering.

  45. So nice that these products are fragrance free!

  46. I have never needed to try but do use coconut oil for moisturizer.

  47. Weleda makes an awesome diaper cream and my husband loves their Skin Food and Citrus lotion.

  48. I have an 18 month old and another due any day now! I would love to try this!

  49. Don’t have a baby to experiment on so I haven’t tried any natural baby products for rashes or anything else BUT if I win these products, will be giving them as a baby present to one of any number of people I know who are about to be, or have just become, new parents! I am familiar with Weleda products, and use and like them so I imagine these are something I’d check out if I had a baby with a rash.

  50. Right now coconut oil is doing the job

  51. I love Weleda. My daughter often gets ashy,bumpy skin on her knees, this is something that I will try whether or not I win! 🙂

  52. Lynette Cruz says

    I’ve tried natural shea butter, aveeno and shea moisture…I like the pure shea butter,works well for my grandsons eczema!

  53. Katie Klein says

    I feel like I have tried almost everything and have yet to find something that works on my childs skin. Its a struggle and gets frustrating when you keep buying new products but I would love to try this.

  54. I have. Pretty much tried everything. I am using Avene products right now, which can be used on babies. I have used Weleda Skin Food in the past. Great product!

    • Rachel Sarnoff says

      I haven’t investigated Aveeno, but I think there are some questionable ingredients in the mix. You might want to check them out on the Skin Deep Database at Let me know what you find out!

  55. Laura Royal says

    No, I haven’t tried it yet but I plan on trying it soon!

  56. Neha Sultan says

    Wow great to know Weleda makes baby products as well

  57. Stephanie P says

    We have never tried natural baby care products for rashes or eczema but we have used Weleda Calendula Baby Shampoo and Body Wash and Weleda Baby Calendula Body Lotion. But we will definitely give it a try as our little girl has had eczema since birth; she would scratch herself until it had open wounds and bled. We had to take her to a dermatologist for immediate treatments.

    • Rachel Sarnoff says

      Oh no! That’s so horrible. I hope this helps, Stephanie!

      • Stephanie P says

        Thank you!!
        We have tried almost everything that is available in the market; coconut oil, Aquaphor, Vaseline, Soothing bath (grounded oatmeal), Vaniply, DML Forte cream, etc and nothing really worked well.
        We would put layers and layers on her after bath, changing diapers, etc.
        Eczema is not comfortable for the child or the parents trying to improve the situation.
        Will definitely try Weleda White Mallow out.
        Thanks for recommending/sharing this product to us!!

        • Rachel Sarnoff says

          Oh no! I’m so sorry Stephanie. Have you looked at your laundry products, also? Sometimes that can be connected. Good luck!

  58. No Ive never used a natural product for rashes, never thought of it till now.

  59. Wendy Vor says

    So far, I’ve only tried aquaphor on my son since its available every where but I would love to try Weleda.

  60. kathy downey says

    I didn’t know Weleda made baby products

  61. Donna L. says

    I’ve never tried Weleda baby products but use and love Weleda face moisturizers.

  62. I have tried the face cream and it really does work. I am all about natural baby products. It would be great to win this.

  63. I have tried olive oil and it works really well but it’s SO greasy. I would like to try something like this

  64. i have tried coconut oil, which seemed to work a bit! have heard great things about weleda!

  65. I didn’t know Weleda made baby products. I am glad to know now. I have twins who have both shown signs of getting my sensitive skin conditions including eczema. I would love to win these.


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