Mommy Greenest Approved: Maty’s Natural Cough Syrup

natural cough syrup remedy with honeyWhen I was a kid, my father was a big believer in cough syrup, just not natural cough syrup. He bought the other kind—the stuff that tastes like a mentholated cherry popsicle and dyes your tongue bright red. My dad didn’t know about potential side effects like hives and seizures, or the links between food dyes and hyperactivity in children. Whenever I had a cough, he dosed me with a teaspoon every few hours until I was so woozy I slept it off.

But I’m a different kind of parent. There’s more access to information today, and I research everything that goes on my children’s bodies and into their mouths—often to their immense frustration. (Like the fair trade organic chocolate I insist on buying for candy-heavy holidays like Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Easter. But that’s another story.)

When it comes to medicine, I’m far more likely to look for a natural alternative than to grab a box of what’s familiar to me from childhood—especially after I learned that many cough medicines contain drugs so potent that they caused nearly 8,000 overdose emergency room visits in 2008.

That’s why I was so thrilled to hear that Maty’s Healthy Products has expanded their line of flu-season essentials to include a full range of natural cough syrups that are free of artificial ingredients and also nix alcohol, gluten, dairy, soy or wheat.Want to try? TWO lucky winners will take home a full range of Maty’s Healthy Products worth $40!*

From USDA Certified Organic to a chamomile-infused Nighttime version, Maty’s Healthy Products natural cough syrups have you covered for flu season. Want to try? Win some!

I had written about Maty’s Healthy Products Vapor Rub last flu season, and recently discovered their totally natural cough syrups for the entire family, from ages one on up.

I love that these cough syrups contain no artificial preservatives, colors or sweeteners. From USDA Certified Organic—with 10 immune-boosting natural ingredients—to a calming, chamomile-infused Nighttime version, they call on the healing power of antioxidant-rich buckwheat honey to soothe dry, irritated throats. Maty’s Healthy Products natural cough syrups have you covered for the upcoming flu season.

Founded by Carolyn Harrington after her daughter, Maty, was born with severe heart defects and a weakened immune sysem, Maty’s Healthy Products offers a full range of products to stock your medicine cabinet with natural essentials. Think petroleum-free Baby Ointment and soothing Vapor Rub, fast-acting Acid Indigestion Relief, and their best-selling Breathe Better Nasal Ointment.

Basically, Maty’s Healthy Products offer truly natural alternatives to common health ailments—to help you heal better, faster. Without side effects. Love that!

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  1. My mom grows an aloe vera plant in the kitchen. It came in handy growing up for boo boos and burns. Just break off a leaf and the soothing gel is inside 🙂

  2. Another vote for elderberry.

  3. My favorites are Oregano Oil, TCM Watermelon Spray, and a glass of warm ACV, honey, lemon, ginger, and cayenne.

  4. Echinacea Tea

  5. Essential oils and Camu Camu powder

  6. Don’t think you’re supposed to ingest tea tree oil. If you think the typical cough syrup today is bad, you should have been around before they had dextromethorphan. We used to take Elixir of Terpin Hydrate with Codeine, mixed with maple syrup because it is so harsh straight. Good old days?

  7. Brianna Beers says

    Ginger tea, really ginger anything while expecting helps ease nausea. Thank you for this chance.

  8. Deborah Zarett says

    Tea tree oil.

  9. Ginger tea and honey are my favorite remedies.

  10. Calendula ointment/cream for bruises or burns. Helps them heal faster than any OTC medication!

  11. Marlene V. (Enelram) says

    Gargle twice daily with a solution of six pressed garlic cloves mixed into a glass of warm (not hot) water – do this for three days

  12. Ellen DeFrancesco says

    My essential oils. I like thieves.

  13. I have 2 small children and I’m prone to coughing. This would be amazing!

  14. Honey, and diffusing organic essential oils like euccalyptus.

  15. Honey, Lemon and ginger in just about everything! Not all at the same time but in at least 1 food/drink item a day. Food keeps me healthy 🙂

  16. The wife would love this!

  17. ginger tea

  18. katie klein says

    Teething tablets were always a life saver for me!

  19. I like honey for coughs, and steaming to clear congestion.

  20. Elderberry!

  21. Elaine Rosser says

    Drinking honey and lemon tea for a sore throat- very soothing.

  22. Smelling peppermint oil to combat nausea

  23. Colloidal silver is my most recent natural remedy experiment. I used it to cure an eye infection (2 drops in the eye twice a day for a week) after my other natural remedy attempts didn’t work (honey and tumeric paste around the eye, plus internally). You can also take it internally to boost immunity. I use grapefruit seed extract whenever I think I have a sinus infection, works wonderfully, and my naturopath also suggests to use it for candida.

  24. that would be oregano oil

  25. Linda Kish says

    I like Homeostasis Labs Children’s Cough & Cold Relief but last year I had a hard time finding it. It works really well for me. I can’t find the adult so I use the kid’s for myself.

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