Mommy Greenest Approved: lur apparel

blonde model in crop top gray sweatshirt and yoga pantsI love eco fashion. But eco fashion can mean different things to different people: Organic, fair trade, vegan, etc. For me, recycled eco fashion is key—typically, I thrift and swap my wardrobe to avoid supporting fast fashion (and save a bunch of money).

Where do I draw the line at wearing someone else’s clothes? Undergarments, swimsuits or—the sweat factor makes me cringe—yoga gear.

Even though I consider workout gear essential, I still balk at buying new, wearing my ratty old yoga pants until you can literally see through the rear. (And no, they aren’t Lululemon.)

That’s why discovering the new lur apparel line was such a godsend. lur apparel upcycles post-consumer plastic and pre-consumer textile waste into the softest, most luxurious fabric imaginable, perfect for yoga—and life. And it’s even better with this discount code!

Love recycled fashion? Get the exclusive Mommy Greenest reader discount code!

My tween daughter and I are equally obsessed with the lur apparel Flashflower top (shown here) and Lodgepole perfect sweats, but there’s a whole wardrobe worth of work- and play-worthy dresses, tops, sweaters and scarves.

All woven from what used to be plastic bottles. Who knew?

Oh, about that discount: Now through 12.31.13, get some lur apparel recycled eco fashion for yourself at $25 off when you spend $100 or more, by using the exclusive Mommy Greenest reader code MGlur25 at checkout. Happy shopping!

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  1. LOL! can relate very much (nearly see-through exercise/yoga pants…..) due to trying to save $ as these clothing items are not cheap! ty for sharing and being so honest 🙂 Plus, the discount codes and product info are always helpful — thanks again and hugs~~


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