Mommy Greenest Approved: Earth Kiss Natural Face Masks

brunette woman in bathroom with mud natural face mask on her faceI remember the first time I had egg on my face. I was about nine, and our family friend—a gorgeous woman with ridiculously high cheekbones and poreless skin—showed me how to separate an egg, whip up the white with a fork, and apply it as a natural face mask. I idolized her, so I sat with that egg shriveling and prickling up my skin for what felt like an hour, until she remembered to tell me to wash it off. People, masks have come SUCH a long way since then. Case in point? The AMAZING new, individually packaged, 100% natural face masks from Earth Kiss. I’ve got 10 sets to give away!

PETA and Cruelty-Free certified, vegetarian Earth Kiss natural face masks are infused with rare Himalayan Shilajit, prized in Ayurvedic beauty remedies. Be one of 10 winners to try them!

These six PETA and Cruelty-Free certified, vegetarian and natural face masks are infused with Himalayan Shilajit (“she-la-jeet”), a rare element harvested in the Tibetan mountains and prized in Ayurvedic beauty remedies. Shilajit is full of plant micronutrients like fulvic, a natural antioxidant, hippuric, a natural antiseptic, and salicylic, a natural anti-inflammatory.

When combined with elements like soft white Thai muds, Rhassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains or Baobab oil from African upsidedown trees, these four masks target specific skin concerns—from skin rejuvenation and exfoliation to pore refining. There are also two biodegradable bamboo sheet natural face masks, which further serve to infuse these potent ingredients into the skin.

In a big-picture sense, individually packaged masks may not seem like the most conscious choice. But I weigh that against the many jars of expired masks that I’ve had to throw away because of contamination—especially if your fingers aren’t clean, every time you reach in for a fingerful of mask, you leave bacteria behind. I also appreciate that Earth Kiss natural face masks allow me to choose the right treatment for my temperamental skin, which seems to change from oily to dry by the hour.

Click here to buy Earth Kiss natural face masks or enter below to be one of TEN winners to score a full set of six. And get that egg off your face!

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  1. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I love soaking in the tub using aromatherapy salts.

  2. I love to take a hot bath

  3. Judy Thomas says

    For me it’s relaxing bubble baths.

  4. Jennifer S. says

    Eucalyptus mint linen spray….ahhhh…..

  5. Liliana Neves says

    Put on relaxing music. Use cleansing balm and massage my face or just wash it with a normal cleanser and put a mask on. Them a warm baths with Himalayan Salt, lavander oil, and wherever a fell like adding.

  6. I love using lavender in my bath to relax.

  7. mae abigail songco says

    just cleanse my face and body with my favorite soap and facial wash.. plus my music.. but adding some natural mask would be something new.. 😉

  8. Aaiza Iftikhar says

    The maximum I’ve done is give myself a semi-regular mud mask facial..these would be perfect because apparently masks are the only thing I can get around to, to take care of myself

  9. Soaking in a warm, lavendar essential oil-infused bath with a relaxing nature sounds CD playing in the background.

  10. A long bubble bath (non-toxic natural bubbles of course!)

  11. At home pedicures with my daughter. I love the girl time and the chance to just be doing something for us.

    • Rachel Sarnoff says

      That’s a great idea! I love the water-based polishes, especially for kids. Thanks for sharing Kimbra!

  12. Julie Murphy says

    I like to do a facial mask

  13. Kusmi tea

  14. Michelle Castagne says

    I like a nice candle, quiet room and meditate with my mask.

  15. Long hot bath, dimmed lights, meditation music and a nice relaxing mask on my face…

  16. A relaxing bubblebath in lavender scent is wonderful!

  17. Warm baths with bubbles and Epsom salt!

  18. I don’t really have a spa ritual because I can’t take baths due to a bad back.

  19. I love facial masks and relaxing with a hot bath.

  20. Marlene V. (Enelram) says

    I do like putting on a mask once a month

  21. I love my new facial brush, makes my skin feel so nice!

  22. I use a micro scrub in the shower 2 times a week!

  23. I love using a honey scrub facial and its perfect for a little me time and a book.

  24. I don’t really have any rituals, I just try to rush through cleaning my face and my showers. 🙁

  25. Cynthia Richardson says

    I like to do my own spaedicures

  26. Tiffany Wright says

    An Epsom salt and essential oil foot soak or hot bath.

  27. Avocado-cucumber facial. Very soothing, very basic, but also inexpensive.

  28. Terri Haydon says

    Long soak in the tub, in the dark, when I can! 🙂

  29. A facial first I wash my face then I warm organic milk with drops of rosehip oil following with my honey and sugar exfoliation and rinse with cold water and finally a good moisturizer

  30. A relaxing soak in the tub and perhaps a facial before bed on nice, clean sheets.

  31. My favorite is a weekly deep hair conditioning with coconut oil.

  32. My favorite at home spa ritual is using a coffee, honey and olive oil body scrub. It smells amazing and reduces cellulite too.

  33. Shilpa Shetty says

    Fresh flowers in the bath tub and to add on some nice music,..

  34. Mt favorite at home spa ritual is giving myself a facial.

  35. Ellen DeFrancesco says

    A warm bath, relaxing bath and then a fantastic good night sleep.

  36. Brianna Beers says

    Wellll, Im a single momma of 4 so spa ritual is hard to come across these days. I aim for the times their sleeping, so after bedtime at night before waking in the morning. I will brew a cup of tea and a warm bubble bath. If I have a mask on hand I will apply that before getting in the tub.
    Thank you for this chance!!

  37. My favorite treatment is a hand massage – courtesy of my teenage daughter.

  38. I love putting on a mixture I make of shea butter, hemp oil, and essential oils right after a shower.

  39. Making a mask from powder!

  40. Nice hot bath with a good book.

  41. A nice bubble bath and then buff my feet afterwards!

  42. foot soak or wax bath!

  43. Melissa Palmer says

    My favorite spa ritual is a bath in my bubbly tub with essential oils and Epsom salts.

  44. Kristine Phelps says

    Taking a scented bubble bath with a good book and a glass of wine

  45. Nicole DeStephano says

    A hot bath and steaming my face before applying a homemade face mask.

  46. A bath with bath salts while sipping a glass of wine!

  47. My favorite is a shea butter foot massage from my partner!

  48. Epsom and ginger bath!

  49. Itzel Gutierrez says

    A mani/pedi while using a hydrating face mask! I deserve it 🙂

  50. Hi,
    It is an international giveaway ? 🙂

  51. just a warm bubble bath

  52. Masks are so fun and feel so good!

  53. Carol Burgess says

    Long shower, rub down with lotion, then hot tea and a good book

  54. My favorite is making face masks with bentonite clay and having fun with the other ingredients like essential oils or tea leaves.

  55. The best thing I can do is wear no make-up at all! Everything I use breaks me out. I love a good face mask though. Nothing but positive reaction from those.

  56. A relaxing bath!

  57. I love to give my feet some extra attention. I soak them in lavender Epsom salts for awhile. Then, I do an oatmeal scrub. Then do a hot paraffin dip and put them inside the special booties for about 20 minutes while the wax cools. Makes my feet look smashing and my whole body feel relaxed and tended!!

    • Rachel Sarnoff says

      Oh wow, this is serious. Love it!

      • yes, tis serious, but then my feet NEED serious when I do this! Ha! I walk around barefoot a lot, do a lot of “grounding” to stay connected to the charge of the planet. So, my feet can come to look quite well used at times. But, the grounding is so good for me that I would rather have knarly feet than give it up!

        • Rachel Sarnoff says

          Absolutely! I put on shea butter at night but my feet are still covered in calluses. I like how you connect it with grounding, I’ll have to do that!

  58. So spoil me now!

  59. Another fan of hat baths here – but I haven’t had one since moving to California! Stupid drought.

  60. Rebecca Zoeller says

    my fave is full body sugar scrub. i make my own with cheap white sugar, baking soda, a little natural fruity fragranced shower gel and some water….i don’t add oil since my skin is oily and I am really looking for exfoliation here, not moisturizing. i come out unbelievably soft and feel so invigorated by the scrub!

  61. My favorite at-home spa ritual is a simple epsom-salt bath accompanied by soft music and the calming light of natural beeswax candles!

  62. A nice foot soak, wrapped in a blanket, with a purring kitty on my lap.

  63. a nice hot bath with candles

  64. I love spoiling myself with a nice rose petals and adding milk to my bath. Its so luxurious, I feel like Im not even home.

  65. You could use a tongue depressor as an eco option, so you don’t have to use your fingers in the mask. Or plastic spatulas(not so eco) that you get from other masks(reuse – more eco).

  66. nice long hot bath

  67. I really love steaming my face before doing a honey face mask.

  68. A rejuvenating facial.

  69. Lara Baumann says

    Definitely a nice soak with some salts and herbs

  70. A hot bath and meditation.

  71. chickie brewer says

    A very long hot bath is what I like the most.

  72. Carrie Duran says

    I love to use coconut oil mixed with sugar to make a quick facial exfoliant. Smells great and feels good, too!

  73. I’m always looking for a good natural face mask and this stuff sounds amazing.

  74. A nice relaxing bath…

  75. Would love to try… sounds great!

  76. I love a nice bath with epsom salts, candles, classical music, and a glass of wine!

  77. amybelle2001 says

    Soaking in the tub while watching a movie. HEAVEN.

  78. Greetings I love trying new products! What could be nicer then all natural! Thank you for this wonderful chance!

  79. A warm bath and a good book!

  80. I do a lip scrub on my lips

  81. id like some!

  82. Candles and a nice bath.

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