Mommy Greenest Approved Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub

brightening facial scrub against white backgroundPlastic microbeads are so over. Minnesota and Illinois banned them outright, New York is planning on it, and more states are sure to follow suit. And they should, because plastic microbeads are a serious environmental problem. Luckily, conscious companies like Acure Organics have nixed them from the get-go, in favor of truly sustainable ingredients that work together for better skin.

In fact, when the company tested their new microbead-free Brightening Facial Scrub, 85% of women saw a decrease in facial pigmentation. You read that right—eighty-five percent. Plus, they give 1% of all proceeds from sales of the product to the 5Gyres Ban the Microbead campaign, which is leading the campaigns to ban microbeads, state by state. And it just gets better: Acure hooked up Mommy Greenest readers with a serious giveaway!

Acure Organics is committed to sustainable beauty. The new Brightening Facial Scrub is just one example, and I’ve got a giveaway to prove it!

Acure Organics committed to sustainable beauty from the very beginning, with a mission to create fair trade, natural and organic products that also gave back to causes like breast cancer awareness.

The new Brightening Facial Scrub is just one in a series of stand-out products for adults—including a full range of skin and body care, hair products (their coQ10 dry shampoo is the bomb) and even tinted lip glosses enhanced with argan oil and echinacea.

Babycare just launched, and includes the perfect trio of “baby’s day out” stick essentials for parents: A deet-free bug repellant, SPF 30 sunscreen, and a USDA Certified Organic ouchie balm infused with borage and pumpkin oils to help you kiss it better.

And of course, it goes without saying that products made by Acure Organics are free from animal testing, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, harmful preservatives and artificial colors. With that in mind, I love their tag line: It’s not enough to be natural. It also has to work. Indeed!

But I have to say my current favorite Acure Organics product is the Brightening Facial Scrub. First, because it eschews the aforementioned plastic microbeads, which are now found in everything from exfoliators to makeup, toothpaste and soaps. The problem is, these microscopic beads are smaller than a grain of sand and end up in our streams, lakes and oceans, where they filter up the food chain. (Want more on plastic microbeads? Annie Leonard’s “Story of Stuff” project just released a video that nails the plastic microbead problem—and the solution.)

But most importantly, I love the Acure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub because it really works! Like the 85% of women who tried it, I found that it reduced the pigmentation that I get on my cheeks and forehead. It leaves skin smooth and pores smaller, utilizing sea kelp and French green clay to exfoliate and organic chlorella growth factor to stimulate new cell growth. Yes, I love my DIY skin-lightening lemon-and-honey recipe, but this award-winning scrub kicks it up a few hundred notches.

Want to try? Acure Organics will hook up 15 Mommy Greenest readers with a full-size Brightening Facial Scrub to try!

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  1. My current favorite facial scrub is Farmhouse Fresh One Fine Day Flawless Face Polish.

  2. Laura Royal says

    I currently use dermae but I’ve used this brand before and it’s my favorite!

  3. I love Vivant Skin Care Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser

  4. Enizete Lane says

    I love lemon juice and sugar……

  5. Shilpa Shetty says

    I usually love the homemade scrubs, but nowadays in love with Za True White Exfoliating Clay.

  6. I haven’t tried many, right now I’m using an Aveeno one.

  7. Alison Tolar says

    My current favorite is St. Ive’s apricot scrub.

  8. Melissa S says

    I don’t really have a favorite though I think I need to add one to my beauty routine.

  9. Linda Kish says

    St. Ive’s apricot scrub but not recently.

  10. Jennifer S. says

    I have rosacea so I have to be careful about exfoliation, but sometimes if my cheeks or forehead need it, I do honey and brown sugar. No way can I try that on my nose or chin!

  11. Baking soda.

  12. AHA

  13. Dana Rodriguez says

    Aveeno is what I currently use.

  14. Leave of Trees Coffee Argan Scrub

  15. Jean Hansen says

    Until I find an organic alternative, I’m using baking soda. Great promotion. Keep up the excellent work.

    • Rachel Sarnoff says

      I like baking soda, also brown sugar is a DIY favorite! Thanks for reading and commenting, Jean!

  16. I have really been liking Suki Face Exfoliate Foaming Face Cleanser and would love to see how this one compares

  17. I recently bought one of the Clinique brushes which works great! Thanks for the chance to win

  18. michelle says

    Angels on bare skin by LUSH

  19. don’t have one yet – would love to try this one!

  20. Julie Waldron says

    The only one I’ve used is St. Ive’s apricot scrub.

  21. annmarie gianni dead sea scrub is amazing!

  22. Angels on Bare Skin by LUSH

  23. I haven’t found one gentle enough for my face, but I love making my own with sugar and oil for my body.

  24. I use a Neutrogenia facial scrub right now

  25. My favorite exfoliator is honey and granulated sugar!

  26. I don’t use any exfoliator either.

  27. Itzel Gutierrez says

    I don’t use an exfoliator but I use my clarisonic brush most nights!

  28. I use my clarisonic to exfoliate my face and love it!

  29. I’m a fan of using exfoliating gloves, but will try something new that isn’t harmful to me or the environment!

  30. My favorite exfoliater is M2 skincare exfoliater.

  31. Baking soda is my fave exfoliator, I add it to my face wash and my body wash.

  32. Right now I’m using Alba Bontanica but I’m always open to trying new things, especially if they’re organic and work! Super excited! Thank you so much for this great giveaway 🙂

  33. I really like the exfoliator by real purity and, its organic! 🙂

  34. I use a konjac scrub

  35. Tabitha Frost says

    I would love to try this product as well as my husband who could use a pore tightener. We don’t currently have a scrub but use organic facial products. Thanks for the chance

  36. Lisa Marie says

    Since I have sensitive skin, I rely on a Clarisonic device for gentle, daily exfoliation.

  37. Wendy Vor says

    I currently use the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, found at Ulta beauty stores, I just started using this because I went for a facial and just feel in love with this product, it smells beautifully of rice grains. I never tried an exfoliant like this, it is pure in its form, no water added to the solution, so you definitely get more for your worth. So you put a nickel size in your palm and add a little warm water to create an emulsion and you rub this onto your face for about a minute (its not harsh or abrasive, its fine granules of rice, my face has felt softer and much more glow since using. The full size package is about $54, but I found that they have a convenient travel size (last me at least 2 months) that comes with the moisturizer for $18, called the “Everyday Essentials Kit.” So worth it. I’ve only just discovered Acure products thanks to the mommy greenest site, so I have yet to try and I’m always open to trying new products especially the green route.

  38. I like St Ives or a homemade one with coffee,

  39. Alison Bramham says

    Love Acure Argan oil!!

  40. I don’t use any

  41. Acure is actually ALL I use on my face 🙂

  42. Janel M. says

    I usually like MyChelle’s fuit enzyme scrub, but recently got a sample of Tata Harper’s resurfacing mask and really enjoyed it.

  43. Carol Burgess says

    I don’t use any at the moment. But I definitely need to. Thank you for the chance!

  44. Have heard of the brand but have not tried. this scrub sounds fantastic and would love to try!

  45. icefairy says

    Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

  46. This sounds terrific! I don’t have any face scrubs.

  47. IzzyFrost says


  48. Lisa Willey says

    I also use Derma-e glycolic scrub, but I haven’t noticed a difference in evening out my skin tone. Would love to try Acure!

  49. Stefanie says

    I don’t really use an exfoliator so I’d love to try this!

  50. I love a good facial scrub, but the stopped making my last two favorites – one by Elizabeth Arden & one by Aveeno. I’m hoping to find a new favorite with Acure Organics.

  51. I like the One Love Organics Brand New Day or a charcoal cleansing sponge for exfoliation. I’d love to win this!

  52. Marlene V. (Enelram) says

    clean and clear exfoliater is what I am currently using

  53. I love 100% Pure brightening facial scrub, and Mychelle Dermaceuticals enzyme scrub. Most of the time, I just dry brush my face. Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of pineapple, and I always rub the core on my face — great, gentle exfoliation. Health and peace.

  54. Judy Brenner says

    I use a washcloth on days when I need a little extra cleaning.

  55. Nicole Dziedzic says

    My favorite is Derma-E Anti-Wrinkle Vitamin A Glycolic Scrub. Love it!

  56. Debi West says

    I use a loofa sponge lightly on my face with DermaDoctor Wrinkle Revenge 2 facial wash. I learned the hard way to not try and “sand” my face too hard as I broke out in pimples.

  57. Arline Saiki says

    I like Desert Essence Gentle Facial Scrub

  58. i only exfoliate my face with a fiber cloth, so i’d definitely like to try a product.

  59. Katherine Breton says

    I love Acure’s argan stem cell + chlorella growth factor brightening facial scrub!

  60. I love Tata Harper resurfacing mask.

  61. Melissa Liddell says

    Aveeno Brightening Scrub

  62. Jennifer Phillips says

    I don’t have a favorite right now. Would like to find one though.

  63. hmm exfoliator. i’d have to go with just some granulated sugar and jojoba oil. keeping it simple!

  64. Kimberly K says

    I don’t have a favorite exfoliator yet – maybe this will be the one!

  65. Wonderful sounding products!

  66. I like this stuff.

  67. My sister made me this awesome coffee grind scrub. It smells great, and makes good use of used coffee grinds that would otherwise just go in the trash.

  68. latanya t says

    I like Borghese

  69. Lori byrd says

    I don’t use any exfoliater but I could if I tried one.


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