Hey @HomeDepot, No More #Phthalates!

Well this is good news: Home Depot is nixing phthalates in vinyl flooring. Why is this important? Banned in kids’ products since 2008, phthalates are endocrine disruptors that have been linked to birth defects, learning disabilities and obesity, among other problems. Home Depot company is the world’s largest buyer of building products; when they say no to phthalates, you can be sure other chains will follow.

And probably soon. Like Home Depot, Lowe’s is feeling the pressure from Safer Chemicals’ “Mind the Store” campaign; while Lumber Liquidators, which recently lost a defamation lawsuit against Global Community Monitor for exposing formaldehyde in their laminate flooring, is in the sights of the Ecology Center’s “Healthy Stuff” campaign. (You can click here to sign Safer Chemicals’ petition for Lowe’s to follow suit.)

According to the Healthy Building Network, many designers and architects have voluntarily avoided PVC building materials for the past decade, as evidence of its toxicity grew. But Home Depot’s phase-out marks a “tipping point” for the industry.

Unfortunately, phthalates can be found in everything from scented personal care products to your children’s backpacks. Check out these three ways to avoid them.



  1. […] that the chain will phase out hormone-disrupting phthalates in flooring by the end of 2015, following the lead set by Home Depot last month. Lowe’s is on a roll: Last month they announced stores would begin a four-year phase out of […]

  2. […] may be on their way out. Home Depot recently announced it will phase phthalates out of flooring, and now the Consumer Safety Product Commission has proposed a ban on some of the most toxic […]

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