#ShopDrop2016 Inspires Dish Detox

“Fashion is environmentally toxic: the textile industry is the world’s second largest water polluter, after agriculture. Is that insane?! Meanwhile, 95% of the clothes we throw into the landfill are recyclable. Do you want to do something about this? Then take the 2016 Shop Drop Challenge, started by Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff, the founder of mommygreenest.com and the most fashionable eco-friendly mom I know…Working as a correspondent for Access Hollywood for eight years, I was so incredibly blessed to have a wardrobe department and three amazing ladies who helped me get dressed for red carpet events and award shows.  Now that I work freelance, as a TV host, it’s up to me to dress myself and recently I found a whole new way to wardrobe – consignment stores.” Read the full story on Laura Saltman’s blog, Dish Detox.

#ShopDrop2016 Featured on MamaGlow!

“It’s the new year and with the rapid season change in the fashion world we see racks of clothing on sale in department stores. Have you ever thought about how much clothing we consume as a nation, and where it all goes? Founder of MommyGreenest.com and eco-lifestyle maven Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff thought about that question and came up with her own solution.” Honored to be featured on Latham Thomas’ MamaGlow.com. Thanks so much for sharing the Shop Drop Challenge!

MG Natural Hair Color on Green Divas Radio!

“Why use toxic chemicals when you can have natural hair color with henna?” Get the answer in my recent GDGD Radio Network segment, which you can listen to here:

What do you think of my natural hair color solution? Please click here to leave a comment on my post over at Green Divas Radio. Thanks!

MG Guide to Green Beauty at Dermstore

“Perhaps you want to emulate the eco-lifestyle trend that’s already going around Hollywood. Or maybe you just want to start making healthier choices for your family and eating raw, organic and non-GMO food is just not cutting it anymore. Whatever your motivation, going the green beauty route is a noble—and often challenging—endeavor that demands a solid commitment. To help you make the switch, we sat down with Rachel Sarnoff, also known as Mommy Greenest and former CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World. Here, she gives us the dirt on the natural and organic products she stocks in her pantry and her beauty cabinet, and how small, eco-sound swaps can go a long way in helping Mother Earth breathe easier.” Read more in An Eco-Lifestyle Expert’s Guide to Green Beauty. Thanks for including me, Dermstore!

MG #SwapDrop2016 Featured in Organic Spa!

“To raise awareness, Sarnoff created the annual Shop Drop Challenge, now in its third year, which asks participants to put a month-long pause on shopping. ‘You commit for 30 days to not buy anything new, but instead to swap or thrift if you need something,’ she explains. ‘The idea is to encourage people to explore swapping and thrifting and perhaps change their habits for the rest of the year.’ Sarnoff calculates that if every American woman participates, that would save $10 billion dollars and one billion pounds of textile waste.” Read more in Organic Spa’s “A Fair Trade: Swap Your Way to a New Wardrobe” article. Thanks for sharing the Shop Drop Challenge, Organic Spa magazine!

MG #Pregnancy Tips @MindBodyGreen

“The irony of pregnancy is that the actual 40 weeks is referred to as “nine months.” This is an especially bitter pill to swallow in the last few weeks, when you may be inclined to remind friends, family and even strangers that, technically, you have been pregnant for 10 whole months. But the reality is that the first few weeks, which doctors count as part of the 40, actually take place before you’re even pregnant. Since what goes into your body is crucial to the healthy development of your baby, it’s super important to eat healthy (and follow certain other pieces of health protocol) even before you’re pregnant. These seven steps are a great way to start.” Thanks so much for sharing my 7 Simple Healthy Habits for Pregnant Women, MindBodyGreen!

MG Profiled on Mom Bloggers Club

“I grew up in kind of a hippie commune—we grew a lot of our own food, and I knew the importance of organic and local. But it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my third child that I started working with Healthy Child Healthy World and began to understand the impact of toxic chemicals in cleaning supplies, furniture, even personal care products. I had already had two children—it was so hard to admit to myself that I had made choices that weren’t the best for them, simply because I didn’t know better.” Thanks for including me in your awesome “Front Seat” interview series, Mom Bloggers Club!

MG Healthy Pregnancy Tips on Elephant Journal

“There was a time when doctors told pregnant mothers it was okay to smoke and drink alcohol because their babies were protected by the placenta. Obviously, now we know that a Mad Men style pregnancy is not the way to go. But we’re still learning about how to protect our babies in utero.” Thanks for featuring my healthy pregnancy tips, Elephant Journal!