Boycott Hershey’s

hershey's kiss on white backgroundRecently, Hershey’s responded to a child labor lawsuit and pressure from human rights groups by committing to 100% third-party certified production in Africa, where it sources the majority of its cocoa.

The certification should eliminate many claims of child labor, forced labor, child trafficking and verbal, physical and sexual harassment that have plagued America’s biggest chocolate manufacturer.

But there’s one problem with this objective: It’s not set to take effect until 2020. With an estimated 1.8 million children currently forced to labor on cocoa farms in West Africa, more than 10 million children will be affected over the next six years. I think that’s too slow, don’t you? With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, let’s do something about it!

Please join me in urging Hershey’s CEO John Bilbrey to stop supporting child slavery and speed up the timeline for 100% third-party certified cocoa production—and pledge to boycott Hershey’s products until this change takes effect. Thank you!

2.19.14 Update: We collected 390 signatures and delivered them to Hershey’s; I’ve taken down the link to the petition. I’ll keep you posted if we have a response. Thanks to everyone who signed and even if you didn’t, please join us in boycotting Hershey’s!



  1. Stephanie Perdew says

    I just read a great article in Costco’s monthly magazine about the founder Milton Hershey. It was an inspiring article , so sad to see what has become of his company. Given the kind of man he was I am sure he would be appalled at the business practices his company is using and how it affects his legacy. I am going to write to Hershey personally and see what they have to say about that:0 Maybe write to Costco while i am at it, to see why they are supporting these terrible practices as well.

  2. Thanks, Rachel, for the research. It’s nice to know that Ghirardelli-Lindt is at least moving in the right direction. Nestle too, although they have a bad rep for pushing their products in lieu of breast milk.

  3. Its hard to think of that happening this day and time let alone Hershey Co being connected with it. But you know that is how these big companies get rich.

  4. Is Hershey the only chocolate company with a record for exploitation? I tend to favor Ghirardelli but wonder if it and other large companies are also doing it.

    • Rachel Sarnoff says

      Barbara, thank you so much for keeping this conversation going. I know we all have our favorite chocolate companies! Hershey is the largest buyer of chocolate in the world, which is why this boycott is so important. We’re still only at 200+ signatures, so anything you can do to share the petition would be greatly appreciated! Meanwhile, I did a little research on Ghiradelli, which is owned by Lindt, and apparently they also have established the 2020 deadline of third-party certified sourcing, but in the mean time they have moved their production from the Ivory Coast to more labor-friendly Ghana, which is a big step. Also, last year Nestle worked with the Fair Labor Association to map their cocoa supply chain for greater transparency. Any other brands you guys want to know about? Leave me a comment and I’ll find out!

  5. great and timely post! thanks for the info! kisses NOT so sweet.

  6. Signed the petition and will be sharing it on Eco-Mothering’s FB page.

    your Green Sistah, Donna

  7. Love your saying if your kisses support slavery. People need to vote with their dollars. Say no to kisses.

  8. No kisses for me!

  9. Livin Out Loud says


  10. Oliwia Bac says

    Boycott Hershey’s!


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