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Zero Waste Natural Deodorant Score

Refillable zero waste natural deodorant stick in close up with packaging behind it on a wood table outdoors.
It’s refillable natural deodorant that really works. Genius!

When it comes to natural deodorant, I’m kind of a slut. I’ve tried most brands on shelves, gave away a bunch and even developed a natural deodorant DIY! Realizing that potentially cancer-causing ingredients were in most deodorants — and that natural alternatives are competitively priced and readily available — set me on the natural beauty path in 2008. Because no one wants to put that crap next to your lymph nodes, especially now that breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women in their late 30s to early 50s — roughly the ages that I’ve been since I began writing as Mommy Greenest. (P.S. Just clicked through these links and watched myself age. Wow.)

Want to know about my latest zero waste natural deodorant score (and how to get 10% off)? Read on!

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TikTok Magnet Ball Challenge Can Kill Kids

Child holds magnet ball toy on their tongue with mouth open; these magnets can be swallowed and kill kids.
Please don’t do this at home — or anywhere. Magnet ball toys are no joke.

Did you know magnets can kill kids? I didn’t, either — until my friend told me about her tweenaged son, who had been playing with the magnet ball toys that are so popular right now. He put one inside his mouth and held another against his cheek. With his tongue, he moved the ball around inside his mouth as its mate moved around on his skin. Then he popped another into his mouth, holding the tiny balls against the back of his teeth by the power of their attraction to one on the outside of his lip. It was like a magic trick. Until it wasn’t. That’s when the magnet outside his mouth was pulled inside and the force of that action caused him to accidentally swallow all three.

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