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From Paleo to Cricket Protein: 5 Natural Lifestyle Trends to Watch

mommy greenest natural lifestyle trend cricket paleo dietWant the inside scoop on the hottest new trends? Join me the Natural Products Expo West, taking over the Anaheim Convention Center March 5th through 8th! This will be my eighth year at the show and it’s my favorite place to connect with the amazing individuals and companies that drive the natural lifestyle movement. 

For the second year, I’m proud to be one of a select group of bloggers chosen by New Hope Media, which produces Expo West, to report from the show. And because of that oh-so-elite status, I got the lowdown on the top five natural lifestyle trends we’ll be seeing this year—first in Anaheim, and then in supermarkets. Want to know what will be the next quinoa or kale…crickets?  [Read more…]

Do You Need Smog Protection?

mother and child wear smog protection masksThis guest post is from the Moms Clean Air Force, an amazing non-profit organization fighting for our kids’ health. Take a minute to sign their petition asking the Environmental Protection Agency to protect children from smog, then read more about why taking action on smog protection is so important–especially for the most vulnerable among us. [Read more…]

Ban National Park Fracking

mommy greenest nature retreatI live in Los Angeles, where nature is hard to come by. Yes, there’s a large park nearby where I spend a lot of time sitting on the soccer game sidelines. And our quiet street has a lot of trees, which my dog and I examine on our daily walks. But the real wilderness—the kind where you don’t hear cars and could actually get lost? That’s not something I experience every day.

And I miss it. I grew up going to national parks—hiking in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winters. I backpacked for seven days in the Sequoias when I was six years old. I wore my Yosemite “go climb a rock” t-shirt to rags. Sadly, today my family spends more time at the beach than we do in the mountains. But that’s all about to change. First, because I recently remembered the importance of wilderness in our lives. And second, because we have to experience it firsthand to know how important it is to ban National Park fracking. [Read more…]

Deadly Popcorn?

mommy greenest deadly popcornI lived on popcorn in college. Air popped, microwaved, movie-theater, flavored—I didn’t care. It was what I munched while doing something else. And I didn’t much think about the health impacts of my favorite crunch. But once I did a little research, I was shocked. Popcorn can be the healthiest snack out there—and it can kill you.* [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: SIRUM Life Saving Medication Reform

life saving medicationMy family insurance hops. I’m self-employed, and my husband works in film production. When he’s accrued enough hours, we qualify for union insurance; otherwise, we try to find the best value for our family of five. This means that we change insurance about every six months.

And it wreaks havoc on our medications: The last time I went to the pharmacy to fill an antibiotic prescription, the pharmacist wanted to charge me $1,200. Twelve. Hundred. Dollars. Needless to say, we went without, until we could get another prescription for meds covered by our new insurance.

But my experience is not uncommon. According to SIRUM, a new non-profit that’s working to make life saving medication affordable, every year $5 BILLION worth of medications are wasted in America, while as many as 50 MILLION of us skip filling prescriptions because of the cost. SIRUM hopes to change all that. And I’m trying to help them take their mission to Congress. It just takes a minute. Will you help me?  [Read more…]

Three Bad Habits That Kill Me

mommy greenest bad habits yoga photoAs I posted a few weeks back, I’m not the eco police. I try to inspire people to positive changes, rather than harangue them. After all, my tagline is “healthier living, less judgement.” But we all have bad habits. Although mine isn’t the best thing for the environment, the damage is fairly minimal and contained. Can you guess what it is?

While you’re wondering, here are three bad habits that I can’t keep quiet about any more—because they affect me, too. Are any of them yours? [Read more…]

Mommy Greenest Approved: Lifesource Water Systems for Skin & Hair

mommy greenest approved lifesource water systemLast year, I installed a Lifesource water system. It’s been about two months since I started using it to filter all the water in my house—from the kitchen faucet to the bathrooms—reducing potentially toxic chemical exposures wherever we drink or absorb water. And a funny thing happened while I was focusing on how water affects our health—I noticed a change in my hair and skin, as well. [Read more…]

Fight the DARK Act & Support GMO Labeling

gmo labeling dark act call to actionYou know the calorie count and the fat content. Shouldn’t you also know if your food contains GMOs? That’s the question on the table with H.R. 4432, a bill otherwise known as Deny Americans the Right to Know—or the DARK Act—which is set to be re-introduced to Congress this year. Regardless of what you think about the safety of GMO foods, this is a bill you need to know about. [Read more…]