Fight Hair Loss in 6 Easy Steps

Everyone’s talking about their hair these days: Are my eyelashes shorter? Why does more hair seem to end up on my brush than on my head? Is that (god forbid) a bald spot? And it makes sense: I’m 51 and like most of my friends, hormonal changes have changed pretty much everything about my body. I recently wrote about how to manage night sweats and hot flashes, as well as the CBD supplement-and-soak package that is my secret weapon against sleeplessness. But hair loss hasn’t really affected me, so far. I think this is because I have very thin hair and for years I’ve been fighting to hold onto each and every strand. Recently, I discovered some amazing products from Vegamour, which sponsored this post, that really help. Want to learn more? Read on!

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Giving Tuesday: Nonprofits That Matter

woman swims with whale shark in ocean - big blue and you nonprofit organization giving tuesday feature on mommy greenest
photo: Big Blue & You

As we approach Giving Tuesday, I wanted to take the opportunity to present a few organizations that I believe in and support. Have you earmarked your end-of-year giving? Please consider these nonprofits, which force corporations to do better, defend democracy at a local level, and empower emerging BIPOC conservationists. Let’s do this!

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Clean Beauty Made Easy

Bag of Naked Poppy clean beauty products featured on Mommy Greenest

Clean beauty sounds great in theory — until you run out of mascara and end up standing in the fluorescent aisles of the drugstore squinting at the tiny print on a label. But NakedPoppy, which sponsored this post, makes it easy to choose more natural cosmetics and skincare products. The company designed a beauty assessment quiz that delivers surprisingly accurate product recommendations — from the best-match foundation for your complexion to the super-hydrating facial oil you never knew you needed. No more time-sucking scrolling! And there’s more to NakedPoppy than a neat algorithm: They’ve made clean beauty an obsession. Want to learn more and score a cool 10% off? Read on!

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Healthy Recipe: Chocolate Chunk Cookie

plant-based, gluten-free, chocolate chunk cookie healthy recipe
I literally dream about these cookies.

I’m not a huge foodie. I don’t follow chefs on TikTok. But when I want to make something that’s plant-based, gluten-free, and delicious, my go-to is Anna Getty’s Amalgam Kitchen. These healthy recipes go beyond good for you and your family — they’re yummy and easy to make, with step-by-step photographs that Anna takes herself. Want to score Anna’s amazing Tahini Chocolate Chunk Cookie with Smoked Sea Salt recipe? Read on! 

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How To Get A Sustainability Degree (Without Quitting Your Day Job)

I began working with brands and nonprofits — and writing about sustainability on EcoStiletto and Mommy Greenest — during what now feels like the dark ages. I was basically fumbling around, absorbing the wisdom of scientists like Arlene Blum, doctors such as Dr. Leo Trasande, and leaders including Ken Cook of the Environmental Working Group and Annie Leonard of Story of Stuff. But things have changed since then. Now you can get an actual degree in sustainability, which can lead to a high-paying position. And guess what? Through asynchronous online programs, you don’t have to quit your current job to study. Want to learn more? Read on!

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Hello, Hemp Underwear + $100 Giveaway!

Mommy Greenest WAMA hemp underwear black female model wears black triangle bra and hipster panties

Is there a better fabric for underwear than hemp? I don’t think so. I’ve been a fan of hemp products for decades — I shared a roundup of my favorites in this post and highlighted an extraordinary hemp body care company in this video — but I just discovered hemp underwear and It. Is. Amazing. Want to win a $100 shopping spree to try some for yourself? Read on!

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YSK: Clean Water

Architectural black and white drawing of two story house with red arrow pointing to the whole house clean water filtration system
How cool is that? Graphic: Aquasana

Clean water is critical to health — and nobody understands this better than parents. That’s the finding from a new survey of more than two thousand people in the United States conducted by Aquasana, which researches consumer behavior around water filtration on an annual basis (and sponsored this post). Was COVID-19 a factor? You betcha — but that’s not all. Read on!

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Recycled Metal Jewelry Gift Guide

Recycled gold mini bar stud earrings from Aurate from Mommy Greenest Recycled Metal Jewelry Gift Guide
These 100% recycled gold delicate stud earrings from AUrate are among my current faves.

My husband never bought me an engagement ring. When we decided to get married there was no bended knee: We fell in love fast and young, and I moved my great-grandmother’s ring from my right hand to my left. But I have always loved vintage jewelry more than new! Like preloved fashion found at a thrift store, garage sale, or clothing swap, wearing something that was previously part of another person’s life is magical to me.

Plus, just as there are landfill-reducing and global-warming fighting benefits of reusing clothes, choosing reused or recycled metal jewelry has significant environmental benefits, as well. Need a great recycled gold jewelry gift for your love, your bestie, or yourself? Read on! 

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